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We are Qatar’s leader in Sports & Leisure by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability


Country of origin – The Netherlands

Herculan develops, produces, sells and installs seamless floors for various application areas, such as indoor sports, outdoor sports, utility and marine.

Over 25 years, Herculan has been developing, producing and installing high end, epoxy or polyurethane based, synthetic floor finishes. Herculan has the right floor for every purpose. All floor finishes are seamless, durable, hygienic, easy to clean and environmentally friendly. Worldwide Herculan floors are successful with deliveries to and installation in more than 80 countries. Quality, durability, reliability and versatility are the core values which ensure the success and the continuity of Herculan.

Quality Herculan only uses the very best raw materials and the most advanced, high tech production methods. Experienced laboratory technicians ensure continuous quality checks.

Durability Herculan is responsible when it comes to the environment. Wherever possible we make use of environmentally friendly materials and renewable raw materials. The quantity of waste is limited through means such as recycling. This way we decrease our ecological footprint and we keep on looking for new ways to preserve the environment.

Versatility Herculan is committed to versatile solutions and is always looking for innovation and further development of its products. We have experienced installers and we also take care of the education and support of local specialists, in order to guarantee professional advising and installation worldwide.

The starting point for sports activities or competitions is the floor. A floor like that has to deliver under all circumstances, for many decades. That is Herculan’s specialty. If sports stands for passion, Herculan shares that passion for sports floors. As a world player, Herculan has been producing the perfect floor for any indoor and outdoor sport for over 25 years.

Herculan has an impressive range of high-quality polyurethane sports flooring systems. This means that there is always a sports floor that meets your wishes in the field of sports, budget and activities. If you have an existing sports floor and it no longer meets your requirements or wishes, a sports floor renovation may offer a solution.

Herculan has an impressive range of high-quality polyurethane sports flooring systems. This means that there is always a sports floor that meets your wishes in the field of sports, budget and activities. If you have an existing sports floor and it no longer meets your requirements or wishes, a sports floor renovation may offer a solution


Country of origin – Switzerland

For more than 50 years, GEZOLAN has been the world’s leading specialist for innovative and environmentally compatible granule solutions for sports and leisure applications.

As a member of the international acting KRAIBURG Group, GEZOLAN earned a worldwide reputation as a pioneer in the manufacture of EPDM granules by using manufacturing processes from in-house developing to produce numerous products of the highest quality. Our experience and market orientation allow us to continuously develop our products and to respond to the specific requirements of customers and athletes. With locations in Switzerland and the USA, GEZOLAN is a reliable partner and supplier to companies specializing in the installation of sports- and leisure flooring and playgrounds.


Country of origin – USA

GARED is a full service sports equipment manufacturer focused on creating optimal play experiences. Schools, recreation facilities, municipalities and parks are overwhelmed by challenges of creating safe and competitive environments that will maximize budgets without minimizing quality of play.

Rather than just fulfilling orders, our PlayRX® system allows consumers to evaluate equipment to help prioritize replacement urgency and multiple year budget plans. It isn’t about just selling products – it’s about creating a play solution where athletes, coaches and administrations are satisfied. While our product line is commercial grade, there is a variation of price points to help maximize any budget need.

GARED is an active member of national sports organizations, participating in FIBA, NFHS and NCAA rulebook reviews. We meet with Congressional members annually to stress the importance of physical education funding, childhood obesity epidemic prevention, and passage of the PHIT Act at the SFIA's National Health Through Fitness Day.

GARED is Your Premier Resource for Sporting Equipment Needs
Whether starting a new athletic project or updating outdated sports equipment, GARED's extensive product line provides many solutions to your play needs. Each sports category offers a range of products to fulfill any level of play, rule book requirement, budgetary constraint, and environmental challenge for practically every sport, including basketball, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, football, baseball, badminton and much more!


Country of origin – France

Gerflor is recognized as a specialist and a world leader in resilient flooring solutions. The group creates, manufactures and markets innovative, design-led and eco responsible solutions for flooring and complementary interior finishes.

As a leading vinyl & linoleum flooring manufacturer they are already well-established in more than 100 countries, Gerflor is continuously developing its activities in new markets.

Gerflor prides itself on being an environmentally responsible flooring manufacturer. All Gerflor production sites are ISO14001 certified. We set ourselves the highest standards when it comes to environmental quality. Gerflor uses recycled materials across all our product ranges. Our new generation of loose lay products reduces the use of adhesives and facilitate recovery and recycling at the end of the product's life. In addition, our products are easy to maintain throughout their lives and qualify for credits under many internationally accredited Green Building Schemes.

Gerflor Group creates, manufactures, and markets innovative, decorative and sustainable flooring solutions and wall finishes. We develop specific flooring and wall solutions to meet every indoor market application need : housing, healthcare, education, sport, retail, industry, offices, hospitality and transport vehicles. Gerflor Group gathers several world-renowned product brand names, such as Taraflex®, Mipolam®, DLW®, Tarabus®, Connor Sports®, Sportcourt® and Gradus®.


Country of origin – United Kingdom

Based near Manchester, England, Polyflor is a major manufacturer of commercial floorcoverings, operating successfully throughout the world. Polyflor are constantly striving to improve processes and products to reflect the changing demands of the marketplace.

We have invested ca. £34 million in plant and equipment over the last decade, enhancing and expanding our product portfolio to provide added value for our customers.

The foundation of Polyflor’s success is our customer focus, and we work closely with contractors, specifiers and end users to understand their requirements and provide the ideal flooring solution for any installation. Polyflor have dedicated personnel within its salesforce, technical department and design team to provide comprehensive customer support. The company has developed an extensive network of agents, distributors and wholly-owned subsidiaries throughout all markets, to ensure excellent product and sample availability.

Polyflor is a quality-driven organisation, with our manufacturing processes and systems ISO 9001 accredited. We are fully committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations, and also conform to ISO 14001.


Country of origin – France

Tarkett is a world leader in innovative flooring and sports surface solutions that meet design and functional requirements in multiple market segments: Healthcare, Aged Care, Education, Stores and Shops, Hospitality and Leisure, the Workplace and Sports segments.

Tarkett offers an extensive range of products including vinyl rolls, luxury vinyl tiles, mineral tiles, linoleum, carpet, wood and laminate. Committed to making a positive impact on people and the planet, Tarkett is present in more than 100 countries, creating people friendly living spaces worldwide that combine well-being, health, performance and design..


Country of origin – The Netherlands

GreenFields is a global supplier and innovator of sports turf technology. GreenFields has a breadth of experience in the development, production, installation and maintenance of synthetic sports turf systems, and the ability to provide high quality, innovative products to provide a perfect pitch for every player.

All this has enabled GreenFields to become one of the front runners in this industry.

GreenFields - a downstream brand of TenCate Grass - is a highly certified, specialist company with years of experience in the design and build of innovative turf systems around the world. GreenFields offers a complete product portfolio of tufted, woven and hybrid turf systems and is a certified partner of FIFA, FIH and World Rugby.

GreenFields is committed to develop high-tech artificial playing surfaces, enabling natural sports play - with increased durability and the capability for many more fixtures than your typical grass pitch. Our research and development team is constantly innovating our product range to ensure we meet both professional playing standards but are also at the forefront of new technologies in our market. Our high quality artificial grass meets a number of specifications for different sports with our product range including traditional tufted and innovative premium woven turf. The pitch can be used for many hours. This means that training and matches can both take place; providing a competitive advantage. In large cities, where space is limited - artificial turf can host more people, allowing everyone space to play sports.

We are recognised worldwide as one of the market leaders in the design and build of football and hockey fields, as well as other sports such as rugby. GreenFields operates directly in its chosen markets and is represented by a strong and longstanding international partner network.

Environmental considerations are an integral part of operations and strategies at GreenFields, from product development, production and installation all the way through to the recycling of artificial turf systems.

CC Grass

Country of origin – China

CCGrass, the largest synthetic turf factory in the world, is dedicated to providing the best artificial grass for both athletic and landscape purposes. CCGrass is International and modernized artificial grass factory.

After more than 20 years of focused development, CCGrass products, such as football turf, hockey turf, rugby turf, tennis turf, and landscape grass have served clients from multiple regions with varying needs, including professional football clubs, government bodies, schools, and countless households around the world. We consider the environment in everything we do, and our factories are powered by solar panels while we take responsibility on recycling our own waste materials.


Country of origin – Spain

At Turfgrass, we believe that artificial grass is more than a convenient surface solution. If it’s made from high-quality materials and installed to perfection, artificial grass has the power to take any outdoor and indoor experience to the next level.

That’s why we put a lot of effort in designing and producing top-notch artificial grass you’ll be sure to enjoy for many years to come. Whichever application you have in mind, our experienced installers get the job done. Turfgrass is a member of Beaulieu International Group.


Country of origin – Germany

KRAIBURG Relastec GmbH & Co. KG is an independent enterprise in the KRAIBURG-Holding. We supply the international market with ready-to-install products for acoustic and vibration insulation (DAMTEC®), impact protection (EUROFLEX®), structural protection (KRAITEC®).

anti-slip mats for securing loads (KARGOTEC®), sports floor coverings and elastic layers (SPORTEC®) as well as elastic flooring systems for horse farms and riding facilities (KOMFORTEX®).

Modern technology and constant product development recommend us as a qualified partner for architects, planning engineers and system providers. With rubber recycling as our central focus, KRAIBURG Relastec GmbH & Co. KG takes in about 85,000 tons of recycled raw materials and turns this into high quality products. In a long line of rubber recycling companies, KRAIBURG Relastec is one of the most important world-wide. Based firmly on technology that has evolved continuously over the last 40 years, KRAIBURG Relastec uses recycled rubber to manufacture new products for the building industry, playgrounds and sporting facilities, taking an active part in protecting the environment and conserving natural resources.

Recycling of 85.000t old tyres, every year, we process and recycle about 85,000 tons of old tyres, closed-cell rubber and rubber production scraps. We invest in innovative and environmentally friendly production methods and technologies. Our suppliers are subject to constant monitoring with regard to environmental protection.

Sport BS

Country of origin – Spain

Sport BS is a company that builds paddle tennis courts and sports centers. We are dedicated to installing artificial grass and the construction of sports flooring on any type of terrain or surface. In modern sport, in addition to the physical condition of the player,

it is essential to manage an optimal playing field, which facilitates the learning and development of this physical activity with the highest performance. The movement and changes of direction make paddle tennis a sport of cyclical movements and high impact, which requires the construction of state-of-the-art paddle tennis courts.

We are a company that combines comfort, efficiency, and sustainability, presenting projects according to your needs. We manufacture with the latest technology, making high-performance installations with top quality finishes, guaranteeing the installation of paddle tennis courts and the appropriate maintenance for the durability of your paddle tennis courts and other sports facilities, and managing your sports complexes with the best technological tools.


Country of origin – United Kingdom

Rebound was founded in the early 1970s and has remained a family-run business ever since. The first court built using Rebound plaster was in Bolton, near Manchester UK and is still in use today, proving the outstanding durability of Rebound plaster.

We pride ourselves in delivering a quality product with conscientious customer care.

The original technology of GRC (Glass Reinforced Cement) was developed by Rebound in partnership with Lafarge by Blue Circle cement and Pilkington E-glass and performance was tested by Salford and Liverpool Universities. The technology has been under continuous development with the aims of extending durability and improving the appearance as well as ease of application.

The critical ingredients continue to be supplied by Saint Gobain and Lafarge cement. It is manufactured to ISO: 9001 and ISO: 14001 standards.

Rebound plaster is still manufactured in England under strictly controlled conditions, with each batch lot tested and forensically traceable. A sample of each lot is secured for quality control and future reference.


Country of origin – Spain

Greenset are the world’s leading expert in tennis surfaces, building our reputation for almost 50 years and proving our quality to the greatest players and tournaments in tennis history.

We are the official surface partner to the world’s best tournaments and events, 600 of them have trusted our quality and service in more than 60 countries.

Our clients are the most prestigious Tournaments, National Tennis Centre’s, Tennis Federations, Private Tennis Academies and events.


Country of origin – Italy

Panatta is the longest-lived Italian Company in the Fitness Industry, the one and only to produce totally the machines Made in Italy. Panatta is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.Panatta was founded 5 decades ago by the passion of Rudy Panatta, the company bases its roots in the origin of the physical culture.

Our mission is to make aesthetically pleasing, functional, reliable, long-lasting and competitively priced equipment for real physical training. The success of the Panatta brand in the world has been possible thanks to the total control of the development cycle and the production process of each single machine, whose production phases are all carried out inside the company. The company expands over 20,000 m2 of complete indoor property plants, located in the heart of the Marche region.

For Panatta, Made in Italy means: design, beauty, qualitative excellence, craftsmanship and extreme passion. Our equipment is designed, produced and tested in Italy. It is a result and an expression of a concept characterised by innovative product and production processes.

Our company works in a way that ensures maximum respect for the surrounding environment by reducing the environmental impact of its production to an absolute minimum. We use highly recyclable materials and benefit from an almost full recovery of the components. Ours is a daily commitment intended to offer our customers machinery with excellent biomechanics and a low environmental impact.

Sport System

Country of origin – Italy

Sport System is an Italian sport manufacturer specialized in basketball, with almost 40 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing top quality professional basketball backstops, approved by FIBA for International competitions.

Since 2001, Sport System is partner of the “FIBA Equipment and Venue Centre” (former “FIBA Research and Study Centre”), as well as the official supplier of some of most prestigious basketball clubs and basketball arenas worldwide.

The leadership position reached in the world market of sports equipment, and the consolidation of its own trademark among the leading international suppliers of basketball equipment, they represent an important acknowledgement for Sport System, as well as the recognition of the efforts and the continuous commitment to improve the products and services offered. The Sport System’s portable basketball backstops – model Easyplay Official – was used during the FIBA European Championship held in Slovenia in 2013 while model Hydroplay Ace has been already used in several different FIBA events and is the most used backstops in the circuit of Lega Basket Serie A in Italy.

Sport System is also manufacturing outdoor sports equipment, which can be used on multipurpose platforms, usually dedicated to basketball, volleyball, handball and tennis. All those outdoor sports articles are manufactured in a way to resist to any kind of weather conditions.

With the main focus on customers’ satisfaction, Sport System has been the first Italian company, between the different sport equipment manufacturers, to implement a well-constructed quality system, certified accordingly to ISO 9000, which has been constantly kept updated accordingly to any standard’s release; at present, the company’s quality system is certified under ISO 9001/2015 standards.

Sport System has obtained as well the attestation of conformity to the corresponding EN standards for the major part of its equipment for basketball, volleyball, soccer and futsal, handball and tennis (EN1270, EN1271, EN748, EN749, EN1510) as well as for the locker room benches tested accordingly to the EN16139 standard.

Connor Sports

Country of origin – USA

Founded in 1872, Connor Sports is the market leader in portable and permanent hardwood sports flooring systems.In 1914, we installed our very first basketball court. Today, we continue to lead the industry in new product development, setting the benchmark for innovative solutions in hardwood sports flooring with a clear vision of what will come.

We are the world’s most trusted hardwood sports flooring manufacturer as the official court of NCAA March Madness®, NCAA Final Four®, the Summer Olympic Games, the FIBA World Cup, 14 NCAA Conference Championships, 12 NBA teams and counting. Our focus on innovation and passion for quality ensures athletes of all levels can practice, compete and win on the most comfortable courts in the world.

We partner with the absolute best Sports Flooring Contractors in the country to ensure every project – from local high school gyms, to massive sports complexes – is expertly planned, installed, finished and maintained with our shared passion for excellence.

Action Floor System

Country of origin – U.S.A

Since its inception in 1988, Action Floors has worked to bring premium, maple hardwood floors to our customers. Travel the world, and you’ll find an Action Floor surface on every continent except Antarctica.

From our headquarters in Mercer, Wisconsin, we supply premium flooring systems that are respected worldwide.

From solid maple permanent and portable floor systems—known for playability, resiliency, shock absorption, and durability—to the finest synthetic surfaces with numerous applications, Action Floors offers you a System for Success.


Country of origin – U.S.A

Located in Kalamazoo, Michigan Interkal is an industry-leading manufacturer of fixed and retractable seating products. Our history traces back to 1938 in Fort Dodge, Iowa where the Horn Brothers designed their first retractable bleacher.

In 1952, Brunswick Company purchased the Horn Brothers bleacher line and shortly thereafter moved manufacturing to Michigan. Interkal then became part of the Kotobuki Group in 1987. With more than 100 years of experience, the Kotobuki Group is the global leader for seating solutions with manufacturing in the United States, Japan, France, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Interkal prides itself on new technology and processes to improve both manufacturing quality and minimize lead times. This includes the streamlining of production with laser cutting and robotic welding of standard components while also being nimble enough to design and produce special parts for unique applications.

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